A bright future?

Colorado State’s depth chart is loaded with young players who will return for the 2012 season. However, Steve Fairchild will not.

As of Sunday, the new AD at CSU, Jack Graham, is looking for a new football coach. And he mentioned that sometimes, with change, comes immediate results. He’s hoping for it.

Remember, when Lubick was let go, it was said he no longer recruited the talent to win with. A year later, Fairchild took that same group and won the New Mexico Bowl.

The new coach will inherit a 1,000-yard rusher (Chris Nwoke), a sophomore quarterback with 21 career starts (Pete Thomas) and a freshman quarterback with three starts (Garrett Grayson). There will be three starting linebackers back, four if you count Michael Kawulok, who missed all of 2011 with a knee injury. Those are building blocks.

They are also building blocks Fairchild didn’t have when he started on the job. Just something to think about.

After three straight 3-9 seasons, it’s hard to argue Fairchild should have kept his job. It would also be hard to deny some progress was made.

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One Response to A bright future?

  1. Jeffrey Evans says:

    Yes, it does have a bright future. To bad it doesn’t have the support it deserves. Only $360,000.00 in base pay for the head coach. Who are they going to get besides someone just using it to take a better job later. CSU needs money but doesn’t seem to have any real rich boosters to come up with the finances necessary. I wish I had a few million to give to the Rams but $25.00 is all I can afford.

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