McElwain upbeat with camp done

Colorado State football coach Jim McElwain said he wasn’t feeling “comfortable” heading into fall camp. As he closed it after Thursday’s scrimmage, he wasn’t acting like a coach who was full of questions.

Rather, he seemed quite confident with the team he’ll field this year, and was rather witty with the media at the end. He likes his team, said he was proud to be their coach, but still had a one-liner or two at the end.

When asked how he felt his team would play: “Growing up when you had that electric football field, and you put the guys on and they just go around in circles? I just hope we don’t do that.”

Asked about his excitement for his first season as a head coach and the game with Colorado: “I’m ready to get all the boos. What the heck. I’ll take it. That’s alright. I’ve got big shoulders. I’m very excited about it, but there aren’t any apprehensions, because you prepare. Really there should be nothing to be nervous about if you’re prepared. I’m going to jumping up and down with (the players) in the tunnel, just not as high.”

On how much he feels Colorado knows about the offensive system the Rams will run: “I’m sure they’ve had guys watching practice. This isn’t my first rodeo. It’s interesting. They’d probably have to go back to probably what we did at Montana State or Eastern Washington to find out what we are offensively. Maybe a little more Louisville.”

And what might that Eastern Washington film (circa 1985-94) look like: “Well, it’s 16 millimeter.”

He also shored up what his kicking situation looked like, in a serious tone. The awarding of a scholarship to Jared Roberts was a tip, and McElwain did say the sophomore would enter the season handling field goals. However, Hayden Hunt might be kicking off, with Keenan Adams possibly working his way on the travel squad because of his versatility to be the backup placekicker and punter.


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