A few notes to wrap up camp

Jim McElwain has expressed on worries over the injuries on his team, as Momo Thomas and Zach Tiedgen were still riding bikes on Saturday. He does feel Tiedgen’s ankle injury is a little more serious than they thought, but wasn’t ready to rule him out for the opener.

As for Thomas, he said the cornerback will definitely be fine, and despite still sporting a cast on his hand, thinks he may still be able to handle punt return duties. He said Thomas has been fielding the ball well, possibly because he’s focusing more on catching it with the small cast.

Freshman lineman Fred Zerblis was back out in full pads, though he was still limited in what he did with a heavy knee brace. Just him being out there was a good sign to McElwain, who said the Georgia product had been having a great camp.

Another true freshman, Shaq Walker, was out of pads, but only because of a paperwork issue. He has been cleared, but another bit of information needed to be stamped out at the NCAA Clearinghouse.

McElwain said the young man had earned a day off because of how hard he had worked. The defensive lineman is listed at 320 on the roster, but McElwain admitted it was a lie — at the start and now, having shed many pounds.

“We were very nice,” McElwain said. “You know what, I think he’s under (that now).”


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