Leading the way

Colorado State coach Jim McElwain, who usually lead the team out of the tunnel before games, wasn’t in front last Saturday against Fresno State, and he came clean as to why.

“I have to bust myself,” he said Monday. “I went down, by the way. I went down. You know the fog? Well, there’s something — and this is good there was all that. ”

McElwain isn’t sure what tripped him up, but something did, but with all the fog, nobody saw him take a tumble. That included the players behind him, he said.

“But there were guys leap-frogging over me. The good thing is they weren’t worrying about their coach, they were going to war. The heck with picking him up.

“I don’t know what I ran into, but got to get that figured out, but went down hard. But rallied right back up though, cat-like reflexes. And you know what? Feel good about it. I survived. So your worst nightmare, it happened, it’s over. I’m good with it.”


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